Gas and Liquid Data Validation (MDV)

Measurement Data Validation (MDV)

Coastal Flow’s Measurement Data Validation (MDV) process is a technically driven, economically beneficial approach to improving the accuracy and accountability of volume and energy determinations for both gas and liquid hydrocarbons utilizing our in-house FLOWCAL or your own FLOWCAL environment. This leading-edge process is intended to reduce operating expenses while minimizing “Lost and Un-Accounted For” (LUAF) quantities for maximizing bottom-line profitability. The integrated measurement services that comprise our MDV process include:

• Gas Measurement Data Validation
• Liquids Measurement Data Validation
• Ticket Data Validation
• Missing Data Analysis
• Orifice Chart Integration
• Analytical Data Verification
• Integrated Linking to Field Reports and Analytical Data
• Auto-Import and Data Processing Capabilities
• Auto-Exports and Reporting for Timely Data Transfer
• Comprehensive Data Archiving

BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval

BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval

BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval system is a simple yet powerful means to obtain measurement data without the cost of building and maintaining a complex SCADA system. This BirdDog system can utilize the latest generation of communications equipment and technologies to collect data and monitor field operations. Coastal Flow’s field technicians can supply, install, and service all necessary equipment to link the BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval system with your meters and other field devices. BirdDog schedules routine data polling and automatic updates to reports and graphs for viewing and analysis. Data is collected and logged according to AGA 14.3 and stored in an API Chapter 21.1 compliant format, essential for downstream review, recalculation, volume reporting, and auditing.

Measurement Consulting

Measurement Consulting

Our experienced staff of field and office personnel includes professionals with backgrounds in mathematics and various engineering fields. Our technical base, combined with years of experience in every phase of measurement enables Coastal Flow to provide expert consultation on a wide range of technical matters including:

• Liquid Measurement Implementation
• Loss and Un-Accounted For (LUAF)
• Hydrocarbon Accounting and System Balance Analysis
• Measurement Software Implementation
• Dispute Resolution
• Standard Operating Procedures

Analytical Laboratory Services

Located in Pasadena and La Vernia, Texas, Coastal Flow Energy Labs specializes in the analysis of natural gas and natural gas liquids by gas chromatography. Our reports include complete compositional detail by component and include the calculation of all important physical characteristics using the most current GPA, AGA, API, and ASTM, standards.

Laboratory Services

GPA 2261 C6+ Natural Gas Analysis
GPA 2261 C7+ Natural Gas Analysis
GPA 2286 Extended Analysis of Natural Gas
GPA 2177 C6+ Natural Gas Liquids Analysis
GPA 2177 C7+ Natural Gas Liquids Analysis
GPA 2186 Extended Analysis of Natural Gas Liquids
BTEX Components Included in the Extended Analysis of Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids

Complementary Services

Scheduled Sample Cylinder Pick-Up and Delivery
Sample Cylinders Provided by Lab
D.O.T. Compliant Materials for Safe Transportation of Sample Cylinders
Individual Exhaustive Lab Reports
Custom File Formats Tailored for Individual Customers

Analytical Laboratory Services

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