Operational Experience with Small Volume Provers

As SVP’s have become the industry standard in custody transfer applications, they have shown to be extremely accurate and efficient. This document will address the technical operations and advancements made to the SVP over time, as well as the calibration methods and proper maintenance of the devices.

Pycnometer Installation, Operation and Calibration

Covering the various steps necessary to accomplish a successful density meter proving using the pycnometer test method, including the requirements for certification and a brief overview of critical equipment.

Understanding Liquid Meter Provings and Proving Reports

An introductory look at liquid hydrocarbon meter provings and the accompanying proving reports. This paper outlines the variables necessary to calculate a liquid meter factor.

An Updated Examination of Web-Based Solutions For Orifice Measurement & Monitoring

The latest technologies in the energy industries are reviewed for remote data retrieval, processing, and leveraging the Internet. Case histories cover a SaaS-based system for incorporating manually collected offshore platform data into a centralized system for web access and sharing, as well as a novel approach for alerts on potential leaks in a complex salt water disposal system.

Chart Auditing A New Perspective

Chart auditing has changed very little in the past 20 years. This paper discusses chart auditing from a more contemporary perspective.

Crude Oil Sales Verification

As rapidly increasing crude oil production in the U.S. continues to challenge the petroleum industry’s infrastructure, the most important question every energy company should be asking is “How are we tracking it?”

Gas Contracts Then and Now

Technology has led natural gas measurement from orifice charts to flow computers, but often gas contracts have not kept pace with today’s world. This paper examines the most important considerations for a modern Electronic Gas Measurement (EGM) based contract which protects both buyer and seller as equitably as possible.

Master Meter Prover Calibrations Per API MPMS 4.9.3

When discussions about prover calibrations occur, they normally end with a disagreement about the accuracies of the different approved methods. This paper will discuss the procedures and advantages of the master meter method.

Operational Experience with Small Volume Provers

The following document will focus on experiences working with the Small Volume Prover and addressing common questions and concerns.

The Benefits of an Integrated Gas Measurement Process

As the U.S. is poised to become the world’s largest producer of hydrocarbons, the qualitative and quantitative benefits of a fully integrated gas measurement process become increasingly evident. The author examines the functional components of integrated measurement and how these systems synergistically combine for significant bottom-line benefits.

Training Natural Gas Orifice Measurement Technicians

The unparalleled success of hydraulic fracturing and domestic shale play development has created a seemingly insatiable demand for natural gas orifice measurement technicians, and especially those able to support Electronic Gas Measurement (EGM). A comprehensive, effectively deployed training and mentoring program, as presented in this paper, can help to meet today’s staffing demand.

Upstream Natural Gas Sales Verification

The authors examine the relationships between natural gas producers and pipeline companies, the responsibilities of each party in a rigorous custody transfer agreement, as well as key processes and considerations for accurate, accountable measurement.

When Measurement Really Matters…Consider the Benefits of EGM Outsourcing

With the advent of business process automation (BPA) and technologies which permit highly integrated data collection and processing, electronic gas measurement (EGM) data management can be outsourced at a very high level of accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This paper reviews the various operational and economic considerations which underlie fully integrated measurement processes and support EGM outsourcing.

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