Gas Measurement Technician

Coastal Flow Measurement provides the energy industry with gas and liquids measurement services, analytical services, and software resources. Coastal Flow serves oil and gas companies in all industry segments, including producers, midstream operators, pipeline companies, petrochemical plants, gatherers, refineries, processing plants, and utilities.


The Gas Field Technician will be directly responsible for testing, calibrating, and maintaining gas orifice meters used for the hydrocarbon measurement industry. Reporting to the Gas Field Measurement Manager, Gas Measurement Technicians will perform all duties and responsibilities supporting and aligning with Coastal Flow Measurement’s Vision and Values. This position does not exercise supervisory authority over any other position.


  • EGM orifice meter installation, configuration, inspection, and calibration.
  • Single and dual chamber orifice fitting operation.
  • Natural gas sampling.
  • Witness testing procedures.
  • Manual collection of raw flow data from EGM devices and export for downstream data management.
  • Orifice meter station troubleshooting.
  • Effective communication practices between the office and field.

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