Having exhibited at International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM) for almost twenty years, we’re no strangers to this event. ISHM 2019 drew a record number of measurement professionals to Oklahoma City for training in hydrocarbon measurement and to network with the “who’s who” of the industry. But this year also came with added excitement to Quorum Software and our suite of oil and gas measurement software. We debuted our new products & services, and hosted a dinner to celebrate these new offerings with the oil and gas measurement community. In case you missed the ISHM festivities, here are three highlights from this year’s event.

We Debuted FLOWCAL by Quorum Software

If you haven’t heard the big news, Quorum Software recently acquired Coastal Flow, a family of energy measurement services and software companies, which includes the FLOWCAL measurement system and its suite of field measurement applications. FLOWCAL is the industry-standard gas and liquids measurement software purpose-built for the hydrocarbon measurement industry.

The exhibit hall showcased everything measurement from metering equipment and other technology, to of course FLOWCAL by Quorum Software! We made quite an impression as attendees swarmed our booth to see the product in action and how it helps manage measurement data from the field to the office. Its key capabilities include:

  • Data Validation – With more than 200 configurable validation settings, FLOWCAL identifies and flags anomalies with your field measurement data.
  • Editing Capabilities – FLOWCAL provides the ability to edit and recalculate any variable affecting volume/mass or energy – preserving a full API & SOX audit trail through the process.
  • System Balancing & Inventory Management – FLOWCAL displays an hourly, daily, and monthly system view of gain/loss data throughout the organization to identify unaccounted-for product loss and manage inventories.
  • Compliance & Accountability – FLOWCAL is endorsed by the American Petroleum Institute (API), complies with BLM regulations, and utilizes all the liquid and gas industry calculation standards of the AGA, API, and Measurement Canada.

Integrating measurement into Quorum’s industry-leading solutions for upstream, midstream, and downstream, we’re able to optimize oil and gas operations across the entire energy value chain.

Our SMEs Presented SO Many Sessions

This year was a record for attendance and may have also been a record for sessions presented by our SMEs! Aside from product demonstrations in the exhibit hall, Quorum’s team of measurement experts held hands-on training sessions demonstrating the advanced features of FLOWCAL by Quorum Software and the field applications TESTit, PROVEit, and PYCit that automate, schedule, and record the calibration and testing of field equipment.

The hands-on sessions filled every seat in the classrooms as we presented how our applications accurately measure, review, correct, and report data. Not to mention the several other lecture sessions presented by our SMEs that addressed topics on meter proving, field measurement calibration procedures, and EFM auditing requirements.

We Invited Our Customers To Dinner

To celebrate our grand debut at ISHM, we invited our customers to dinner for a networking event at the beautiful Colcord Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. Our measurement customers joined us from more than 25 leading oil and gas companies. We ate well, enjoyed friendly conversations, and held an exciting prize raffle. The big winner of the night was from Enable Midstream, taking home a Samsung Smart TV!

The energy was flowing (no pun intended) at ISHM 2019 as we made a memorable debut of FLOWCAL by Quorum Software. We hope to see you at ISHM next year in the exhibit hall, a session, or a networking event.

To keep up with other events where you can find Flow-Cal and Quorum, visit our events page below!

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