Qnections 2019 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was one for the books. The conference venue, attendance, atmosphere, and session content was incredible. However, the land management track was not the same as it was in previous years — the structure was new, and the content more user-centric.

We Combined Land and Division Order

This year we combined Land and Division Order (DO) into a single track. With land and DO professionals under one roof, our peak attendance was 125 people in a single session.

The two biggest topics covered were usability improvements and product roadmaps for myQuorum Land Management and DO.

  • Usability improvements include the redesigned agreement search screen, for example, where we enhanced its already user-friendly nature by making the search criteria a picklist.
  • For Division Order, we covered improvements to maintenance groups along with the bulk edit, import, and export grids.

Users Drove a Session

The session, All In: Discussing Cross-Functional Industry Challenges, was my favorite part of the land management track (or now the Land/DO track.) We wanted to gather feedback from our user community to understand better the needs for keeping land participation and DOI information synced throughout the lifecycle of a division order.

We divided the tables into three different processes:

  • Managing Minimum Royalty.
  • Establishing a Division of Interest.
  • Managing Ownership Changes.

Each table included individuals from different companies with roles aligned to the specific process.

Participants mapped out the processes, and each table arranged shapes to represent their ideal workflow (examples below.) Seeing the collaboration and problem-solving in action made this one of the more fun sessions I have attended at Qnections.

Example 1 – Establishing a Division of Interest

 Example 2 – Managing Ownership Changes

We reviewed all the workflows and determined how our software could help improve them, which we then shared with the user community in the last session. One scenario we discussed that many people liked was using myQuorum Design Studio to create custom widgets to deliver operational insights to their specific business requirements.


Our users appreciated the content, direction, and engagement this year. And we will keep working to make our content, networking, and events better each year. So if you missed this year, make sure you’re in attendance next year for #Qnections, you won’t be disappointed.

Want to see our software in action? Check out our myQuorum Land demo.

Watch the demo

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