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The challenging situation our industry has seen in recent years has certainly left us all feeling the pinch – fewer resources, smaller budgets, and never enough time. Speed and accuracy is ideal, but so many of the standard processes and collection of data have been manual for so long and require a lot of personnel.

We started working on this problem when accuracy of data was highest on the priority list; companies need to track things like well production metrics, equipment downtime, test data, etc. Manually tracking and submitting this data meant recording errors and potential delays in important information getting back to the decision makers.

Companies already had applications in place to collect the tracking data, but how could that information quickly get to the people who needed it most? They had to wait until a field tech physically went to the locations, collected the data, personally transported the data back, then have a person manually enter that data into whatever system they were using.

This created a number of opportunities for errors and made for very slow submission of data.

We knew E&P companies were already using applications in the field for reservoir analysis, production accounting systems, and economics – the problem as we saw it was how to make these systems talk to one another?

The solution we developed (now called Quorum Production Management) provides end-to-end data capture, operations management and production reporting for E&P companies.

You can read more about it, sign up for our webinar, and hear from a customer why they chose Quorum (hint, they discovered they could save $600,000 a month).

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