As Pride Month comes to a close, we want to commemorate the trailblazers of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) community. We recognize the valuable contributions of LGBTQ+ individuals locally, nationally, and internationally. To honor Quorum LGBTQ+ team members, we share their stories to show our support and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion.

 “Being worried about how you might be perceived is a common emotion among people at a new workplace. There are many different things that you could be concerned about, and being a part of the LGBTQ+ community can definitely be one of them. At my last company, I was terrified to let my superiors and co-workers know about my girlfriend, being that I was also a female, so I kept it to myself and spoke of her as my ‘partner’ and didn’t correct people when they asked about my ‘boyfriend.’ When I left that company, I told myself that the next company I worked for, I would make sure that I was 100% myself.

When I started at Quorum, I answered a question that essentially ‘outed’ me, and the conversation didn’t skip a beat – I felt like I could breathe. So I’m very happy that I can be myself here and that I haven’t been made to feel ‘less than’ due to the person I love.”


“For someone like me who is part of the LGBTQ+ community, working in the Oil and Gas industry has been an interesting journey. This is a very conservative business, but I was determined to succeed with merit and by being myself, my true authentic self! I am a Gay man, and even though I do not scream it in office hallways, I do not hide or deny who I am. There have been times where I have been looked down on, ignored, or discriminated against just for being Gay. I have been denied interviews for my sexual preference. Perseverance and not letting people bring me down, and my drive to prove my worth kept me going.

Working for the largest Oil & Gas services company in the world for over 10 years allowed me to connect with all kinds of people. People from different backgrounds, walks of life, customs, and values. I chose to use my knowledge and drive to build relationships. But what helped the most to build strong relationships with other industry professionals was to be myself.

During my four years at Aucerna, it has been nothing but an inclusive journey. A place where I and my partner, for example, have partaken in company events and social gatherings without discrimination. I feel welcomed, included, and part of a company that supports anyone and everyone. 

I believe it is important to represent and be visible, however. The impact that one person can have on someone else can be a path to acceptance. Acceptance in others and oneself. I am certain that this is the way to one day living our truth without a need of coming out, but just be, with pride and authenticity. Live your truth and be an inspiration to others!”


 “Something that non-LGBTQ+ folks don’t realize about the community is that you don’t just come out once in your life and then it’s done. Every time you start a new job, move to a new city, or make a new friend, you have to come out to them. It’s stressful deciding whether or not you want to share that part of your life with your coworkers, and it took me a while to do so here based on previous experience. It turned out I should’ve done it sooner! When my manager met my wife she embraced it full-force and never did anything to make either of us feel weird about it. I’m very fortunate to work for a company in which I can bring my whole self to work – I’m out, I’ve never felt judged by my coworkers, I can actually talk about my life at home, and I don’t feel uncomfortable bringing my wife to company events…it’s honestly awesome.”


Quorum celebrated Pride Month with Ally Workshops to learn how we can better support each other in the workplace year-round. And with the leadership of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Committee, we encourage team members to share their personal pronouns to create a more inclusive work environment for folks of all gender identities. Thank you to the DE&I Committee for helping make Quorum a place where we can celebrate all that makes us unique. Happy Pride Month!


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