We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Success revolves around an open strategy. Why? Simply put, an open strategy unlocks doors for us to connect our core products with companies that add additional value.

Oil and gas software systems are most valuable when customers have a unified data source to work from, regardless of where they sit in their organizations.

Alternatively, in a closed system, innovation stalls. Thinking big becomes more difficult when you’re not able to adapt to changing organizational priorities and market trends.

That’s why we recently launched the Quorum Channel Partner Program, our arm which includes organizations that advise, sell, deploy, and operate Quorum’s market-leading software.

Why We Built a Channel Partner Program

The Quorum Channel Partner Program enables us to connect with companies that will ultimately help deliver additional value to our customers. We’ve developed three different tracks for members to choose from so that they’re entering the program at a tier that aligns with their unique business objectives and strategy.

We have the Referral Partner track which allows organizations to tailor their investment in the program while still being recognized for recommending Quorum solutions that drive the modern energy workplace. The Reseller is someone who understands our company’s value proposition and delivers to potential Quorum users on our behalf. Finally, there are the Managed Service Providers/BPOs who can leverage our solutions to assist their customers in making key decisions.

Benefits of the Channel Partner Program

For Partners: The Quorum Channel Partner Program has various levels of membership with different benefits and requirements.

Partners get access to the partner portal, which houses whitepapers, resources, trainings, and marketing collateral exclusive to Channel Partner Program members. There are also co-marketing opportunities, like the upcoming Rockies vs. Padres game, where Partners are welcome to attend.


Partner Compensation
Partner Portal Access
Deal Registration
Quorum Logo Usage
Product Training
Joint Account Planning
Special Pricing
Market Development Funds
Demand Generation Tools
Dedicated Partner Manager

For Customers: The open ecosystem philosophy means that they are not constrained by working with just one vendor, and they are free to take advantage of the collaborative environment that the Channel Partner Program facilitates. When customers work with our partners, they are exposed to the white glove treatment that comes with leveraging our full suite. In other words, collaborating with our ecosystem increases the footprint of functionality and service that customers can access.

At the end of the day…

This open flow of creativity and data between partners has already been a leading factor in our joint success with customers through our Alliance Partner Program. Because of our willingness to collaborate with partners, our customers are able to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing oil and gas marketplace,helping them stay agile as the market moves at a blistering pace.

And we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. In order to capture value in each wave of the digital transformation, we must have a mindset in place where we can call on partners and take advantage of trends as they unfold.

When we were first evaluating the need for a partner program, we asked ourselves: “As a customer, would I want to make my technology investment with someone that claims to solve every problem that exists, or would I want to take the best pieces of software and integrate them with my current vendors?” We’re committing to the latter.

There is so much value to unlock by bridging different silos of information. At Quorum, we focus every day on not only innovating our core but also expanding the breadth and depth at which our platform connects to the outside world.

Interested in joining the Quorum Channel Partner Program?

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