It’s that time of year, NAPE Summit 2019. They say NAPE is where deals happen. But we want to fix that for you, NAPE is where the right deals happen. Because it isn’t enough to simply get a deal done. You need it to be the right deal in the context of your business strategy, financial obligations, capital accessibility, and paired appropriately with your risk profile.

To understand and apply those variables to each potential deal can be a time consuming and labor-intensive proposition. That’s why software, and again, the right software, is your secret weapon. Do you have the tools that will help you identify the right opportunities for your business? Are you properly reducing risk while on-boarding a new asset with your current software?

Our Acquisition and Divestiture A&D Operator Checklist gives you the information you need to make the 2019 NAPE Summit a success.  We are cutting right to the chase by focusing on three main areas:

    • Identify the right opportunity for your business goals 
    • Reduce risk for both parties during the purchase 
    • Maximize the value of your data  

But the checklist only scratches the surface. Check out our presentation previews below for a sneak peek of the great content we will be sharing at NAPE. Stop by our booth (#2347!) to see them live or come back to our NAPE page for a full presentation recording post-show.

Identify the right opportunity for your business goals

Land Management 

A&D cycles put pressure on the entire organization, from people and processes, to your software. You can reduce that strain with modern tools that give your team real-time notifications, easy access to data, and detailed reporting. For the seller, the right land management solution  — like myQuorum Land Management — ensures your processes are followed, and nothing falls through the cracks, reducing your potential for litigation. On the buyer side, shortening the time spent on due diligence improves your time to realize financial value. myQuorum Land Management gives buyers and sellers the data visibility and audibility to give both parties confidence and shorten the overall A&D process.

Examples of how myQuorum Land Management can help you, at NAPE or year-round:

    • Access your leasing activity in real-time
    • Speed up diligence by giving buy and sell sides complete visibility and audibility into lease details.
    • Reduce the risk of data error and unnecessary litigation with a single source of truth.
    • Avoid running title repeatedly for the same tract of land by tracking all historical title data
    • Improve investor confidence by leveraging powerful mapping and reporting capabilities.


Maximize the value of your assets

Drilling & Production Reporting 

Giving your buyer a complete, organized and accurate data set helps both sides maximize their investment. Would you want to purchase an asset without clearly understanding historical operations, production trends, and acreage ownership? Of course not. You need drilling and production software that provides clean and accessible data, allowing you to sell assets at a premium. And when you’re looking to acquire assets, save on complex migration projects by understanding the quality of data you are receiving and only accepting what is necessary to operate the new asset.

Examples of how myQuorum Production Operations can help you, at NAPE or year-round:

    • Understand the data quality of your new asset before migrating into your operational database.


    • Quickly onboard new field and office users with online training and easy-to-use tools.


    • Adapt data capture and reporting easily for a new operating area using your software vendor’s industry expertise.


    • Ensure data integrity by segmenting and restricting data access.


    • Reduce deal friction with easily packaged historical data for the buyer


To get the full NAPE presentations on how we help you solve these challenges, stop by our booth (#2437!). If you can’t make it, visit our NAPE page after the show to watch the presentations on-demand.

Improve your bottom line at NAPE

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