Nine Months After its Launch, Quorum’s Cloud-based Land Management Solution Delivers Speed, Savings and Customer Satisfaction

Quorum Software, the leader in digital transformation for the oil and gas industry and the market leader for land management, announced record-high adoption and deployment rates for its cloud-based myQuorum Land On Demand software. With 18 of the top 20 North American E&P producers as customers for land management, Quorum created a version of its industry-leading software specifically packaged for the small-cap market. Quorum anticipates adding 100 new customers to myQuorum Land On Demand in 2018, based on the accelerating rate of adoption since the product was first launched in June 2017.

“Based on the tremendous demand for myQuorum Land On Demand, it’s evident that our customers are excited about the latest land management features, technology, deployment speed and savings that Quorum delivers,” said Soroosh Seyhoon, Vice President at Quorum. “Our customers come to us because they don’t want to deal with lengthy software implementations, cumbersome spreadsheets and accounting solutions that claim to be land software. That’s why we made land management systems simpler, quicker and more efficient and we’ll continue to evolve and bring value to oil and gas companies of all sizes through industry focus and innovation.”

“myQuorum Land On Demand’s recent success reflects the need for leading land management software vendors to address the small cap opportunity with products and platforms tailored to the challenges that these smaller organizations encounter,” said Kevin Prouty, Vice President of IDC Energy Insights. “We see significant demand from smaller companies due to the amount of M&A activity and driven by the need for these solutions to be fast to implement, simple to deploy, industry-proven, scalable, and affordable.”

As a SaaS offering, myQuorum Land On Demand allows users to access the software anytime, anywhere, from any device, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional on-premises software implementation. The product’s ease of use is designed to help everyone in an E&P company, from land administrators to geologists, make faster, smarter, more accurate decisions about land and lease management. From basic land and lease management to integrated GIS and analytics, myQuorum Land On Demand can handle complex leases, adapt to business growth, and be implemented in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.

User Testimonials

“We were looking for a solution that would be easy to use while modernizing the look and feel of our land software. That’s when we found myQuorum Land On Demand. During the demo, we were especially impressed by its GIS capabilities, including the ability to view leasing activity on the map and to map out lease boundaries. We knew right away this software was best suited for our company.” — said Dylan Bercutt, Lease Analyst at Arcadia

“Quorum land management is user friendly, configured for Esri GIS mapping, and easy for employees to view information via the web. Deploying the system in the cloud was a clear and easy choice for both IT and business users.” — Erin Pearcy, Land Administrator, Ameredev

“You have to be able to know your ownership by depth, and our previous system didn’t offer it. That’s what led us to Quorum. With myQuorum Land On Demand, we can input one thing, and it flows throughout the rest. It just makes sense. With our previous software, we would have to input the same thing four different times, which only increases chances for error.” – Phyllis Spurlock, Land Manager, Staghorn Petroleum, LLC

“At a former oil and gas company, I was thrown into Quorum with no training, but it was so easy to use that I practically taught myself, and all the information was right there at my fingertips. When it came time for White Rock to look for a new solution, we looked no further than Quorum as our newest acquisition was already using Quorum software and spoke very highly of it. The reputation and ease of use of the software reinforced the notion that Quorum was the best option for us.” – Chad Centorbi, Landman, White Rock Oil & Gas, LLC

About myQuorum Land On Demand

myQuorum Land On Demand combines Quorum’s proven and industry-leading land management software with the accessibility, affordability and speed of cloud technology. Over the last 20 years, Quorum has implemented land solutions for more than a hundred oil and gas companies ranging from small independents to supermajors – including eight of the 10 largest operators in the United States. The new myQuorum Land On Demand package includes software, services and support priced to maximize value for small and medium-sized operators short on time and resources, while providing scalability to meet business growth.

Product Highlights

  • Land Agreements: Manages leases, contracts, fee properties, right of ways, easements and more.
  • Lease Management: Manages payments, expirations, depths, obligations, terms and other key data.
  • Depth Formation Management: Allows users to understand, manage and report ownership and acreage position by specific depths and formations.
  • Document Management: Increases efficiency with centralized file management to upload, attach and retrieve files.
  • Reporting: Allows users to generate and export reports for acreage, exhibits, expirations and more.
  • Optional Services: Accounting integration, data migration, additional training and more.

For more information, visit the myQuorum Land On Demand section and webinar on the Quorum website.

About Quorum Software

Quorum offers an industry-leading portfolio of finance, operations and accounting software that empowers energy companies of all sizes to conquer their most complex business challenges. From the field to the back office, defying complexity is coded in our DNA and our software. This unmatched experience is why Quorum is the choice of eight of the largest public energy companies worldwide, 75 percent of LNG exporters throughout North America and 80 percent of all natural gas processed in the United States. Designed for digital transformation, the myQuorum software platform delivers open standards, mobile-first design and cloud technologies to empower innovation at the speed of thought. At Quorum, we’re helping visionary leaders transform their business, and the energy industry, for a digital world. For more information, visit

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