TWMA, a specialist drilling waste management company, has been contracted to deploy its RotoMill technology on a harsh environment semi-submersible unit. The contract with an undisclosed client will bring in a seven-figure sum to TWMA.

TWMA was chosen as the specialist provider of offshore processing services in order to remove waiting-on weather risk associated with a ship-to-shore approach, while improving the client’s environmental performance through a 50 percent carbon emissions reduction, the company said in its statement.

The RotoMill well site processing solution allows drilling waste to be processed at source, eliminating the need to transport drilling waste long distances for treatment or disposal, according to TWMA.

“We are proud to have secured this contract due to our proven track record in delivering successful drilling campaigns in the North Sea,” said Sandy Wood, Business Development Manager at TWMA.

“The client was particularly interested in our offshore processing technology’s potential in reducing delays associated with waiting on weather, a common problem customers face in the North Sea. Improving efficiencies for our customers drives our service offering, and we are pleased to be supporting the operator by eliminating costly delays,” Wood said.

The RotoMill ensures uninterrupted drilling in the harshest offshore environments by eliminating any waiting-on weather time associated with drill cuttings handling. Processing drill cuttings offshore improves the risk profile of drilling projects by reducing lifting operations by up to 95 percent, the statement reads.

Removing the need for shipping drilling waste onshore negates the need for supply vessels, skips and onshore processing which not only lowers the total cost of waste ownership but reduces carbon emissions for operators by up to 50 percent, compared with the traditional skip and ship method, according to TWMA.

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