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According to the World Economic Forum, “[Over the next decade,] digitalization has the potential to create around $1 trillion of value for Oil and Gas firms.” When you say it aloud, “$1 trillion” sounds incomprehensible and “creating value” seems like a nice-to-have addition to your home – like sunrooms or granite countertops – but let’s put this statement into perspective.

Supply and demand trends, alternative power developments, and new competitive markets have thrown the energy industry into an unpredictable, topsy-turvy state. The need for cost-saving efficiencies and margin improvements has never been greater, and analysts predict that this dicey reality is the only assured constant. Digitalization is the only avenue built to accommodate today’s “new normal” era of energy and drive more efficient processes to conduct business.

Digital Disruption

Mounting onto the plate of market-related pressures facing the industry, digital has backed energy into a corner. The rise of connected devices, IoT, and massive amounts of uninterpreted data have agitated the space.

Just as texting changed the way we communicate; digital disruption has changed the way we operate business. Teams around the world have to collaborate across time zones and devices, every number must be safely stored and quickly shared, and it’s expected that every decision be backed by a long trail of data.

Quorum is bringing balance to companies that once shuddered at the thought of digital advancements.

Years ago, we recognized the need for industry innovation, which is why we took what we learned from our customers, partners, and industry trends to develop the blueprint for the Modern Energy Workplace – our exclusive innovation, myQuorum Design Studio, built specifically for the energy industry to drive efficiency and agility while transitioning the next generation of young energy professionals. We partnered with outside leaders like Microsoft, who helped us add more collaborative and mobile features to match the digital transformation that was already underway in other industries.

“It’s exciting to see partners using innovative devices like Surface Hub, Surface Studio and Surface Pro together with Office 365 to advance the modern energy workplace,” said Megan Solar, Director, Surface Marketing at Microsoft.

Modern Solutions

But how, specifically, are we bringing this transformation to fruition? These are the four essential features shaping the Modern Energy Workplace:

Modern Energy Workplace Infographic

The potential value of digitalization is not unattainable, nor is it a nice-to-have; it represents the future success of our space, and it might bring you comfort to hear that we’re not the only ones experiencing these growing pains. No industry is immune to the social, economic, and technological forces that are disrupting day-to-day operations, and I’m proud to say that Quorum’s Modern Energy Workplace is built to handle to those changes today, tomorrow, and for the future of our space.

For more information on the Modern Energy Workplace, visit the Digital Transformation section of our website and download Quorum’s whitepaper.

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