Whether you have just received funding or it is your third venture and operations are ramping up, making the right software choices can help supplement your operational efficiency while making the wrong ones can increase overhead, under-deliver on functionality, and leave your team frustrated.

Cloud-based solutions like WellEz On Demand offer startup companies unmatched functionality and support in a business model that works simply and simply works.  Hear from your colleagues on five necessary considerations when choosing upstream software.

1. Low up-front costs and scalability

“WellEZ is appropriate for a small company with variable activity such as Paloma. I like the ease of adjustment and scalability of the software in response to operational activity changes.”
—Daniel Jones – Drilling Manager, Paloma Resources

Once your operations begin you need to start leveraging the functionality of enterprise-class software, but without paying an enterprise price tag. By choosing a system that removes lengthy contracts, user license fees, and complex IT infrastructures, you can focus on operational efficiency without spending effort on IT projects.

2. A simple implementation

“You guys take care of everything, the implementation, training, and support. It was a huge help when we were trying to get started so quickly.”
—Dena Demboski – Vice President of Drilling & Completions, Upcurve Energy

Lengthy software implementations can disappear ROI and put a strain on the business. Using a solution that rolls out in less than a week with no IT involvement can bring fast value to your operations. When you pair an easy implementation with industry-experienced support and training for end-users, your team can focus on data analysis rather than data collection.

3. The power of the cloud

“We liked the cloud-based, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly aspects of the product, and after seeing the demo, it made my decision easy.”
—Nick Mesec – Director of Operations, Driftwood Energy Company

By choosing a cloud solution, you are giving your team the best technology available to do their job. Upgrades are seamless, and your users always have the latest features and functionality.  You have access to your data from anywhere without the need for any IT infrastructure.

4. Transparent total cost of ownership

 “WellEz lets us have as many users as we need and doesn’t complicate things by restricting you to a certain number of user licenses.”
— Dan Brugeman – Operations Manager, Nickel Road Operating

The software-as-a-service billing model allows the cost of the solution to scale with your business. It removes the old “nickel and dime” structure and provides a transparent total cost of ownership. This model even turns the software solution from a capital IT expense into an operating expense that can be attributed back to the AFE of each project.

5. A platform to grow your business

Integrated upstream

Selecting best of breed applications has been the logical thought process for choosing software in the Upstream oil & gas industry for years. However, as technology advances, a shift has occurred in how newer companies view software selection.  Instead of selecting best of breed applications, companies that choose a single platform for their upstream suite have seen an increase in overall business agility, operational efficiency, and have transitioned their personnel to a modern energy workforce.

Learn more about cloud-based upstream solutions offered by Quorum Software.

WellEz On Demand is just one of a full suite of integrated upstream solutions offered by Quorum.  By choosing Quorum, you are giving your organization the power to streamline operations from land management, through drilling & completion, production, and accounting.  Quorum is the only company that offers a full upstream solution deployed in under 60 days.

The combination of smarter technology, a better business model, and personal service & support make WellEz On Demand the smart choice for any E&P company.  In a market where things change quickly, and overhead must be kept low, there is no surprise that over 150 US independent operators are leveraging WellEz On Demand.

Learn how Alta Mesa has leveraged WellEz On Demand to scale their operations.

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