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Quorum Business Solutions continues to push technology to new levels, providing robust oil and gas software solutions that can adjust as our users need them.  While others talk about ‘the future’ and their plans to integrate products, we put this ‘future’ on display in its fully operational form and already deployed to several customers.

Called myQuorum™, our user experience platform is the first persona-based platform for the energy industry, providing energy companies a modern, mobile and personalized user experience for Quorum software.  myQuorum combines dynamic workflows, business intelligence, reporting and data from Quorum and non-Quorum applications into a single user experience that automates business processes and gives employees the information they need, when they need it, tailored to how they work.

Qnections 2016 Opening Session
Opening Day of Qnections 2016 

This platform simplifies complex business processes with preconfigured personas that improve efficiency, increase productivity and decrease training costs by bringing disparate workflows and systems together into one cross-functional experience for the user. Through built-in automation, myQuorum personas streamline work based on employee roles and responsibilities, prompting employees to take action using intuitive dashboards that deliver real-time information and alerts. Personas take full advantage of the underlying Quorum applications—including functionality, security and regulatory compliance—which have a proven, 20-year track record.


Qnections 2016 Opening Session
Showcasing the responsive, persona-based design that runs on multiple devices. 

Powering myQuorum is Qmposer™, a powerful user experience engine designed for composing and delivering unique personas for the energy industry. Qmposer aggregates dynamic workflows, business intelligence, reporting, and data from Quorum and non-Quorum applications and surfaces it in a responsive, persona-based UX that runs on multiple devices and supports established UI technologies and standards.

“myQuorum helps Pembina break down barriers that prevent essential collaboration between business units and departments,” said Claudia D’Orazio, Vice President of Compliance and Risk at Pembina Pipeline Corporation. “myQuorum delivers an agile and extensible platform that enables us to create and deliver new integrated service offerings at lower integration and training costs.”

Over the last two years, Quorum worked with a cross-section of industry leaders such as Pembina to design and deliver a next-generation user experience that leverages Quorum’s complete suite of energy applications. At Qnections 2016 Quorum users could see this new integrated platform for themselves.

Later, in the topical sessions, Quorum users had a chance to test-drive new features, play in the persona-based platform, and get to know current products on a deeper level.

Oil and Gas Software Demonstration


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