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How can you stay up to date with the latest product features from Quorum Software? Check out the support portal, available to our oil and gas software users. The support portal is a self-service hub for customers where you can submit a support case, view case activity, and now access resources on our latest releases. 

Product Release Webinars

With the release of myQuorum 2020.09, Quorum hosted a webinar for each application to provide new feature information, demonstrations, and live Q&A with our product experts. These webinars are now available for on-demand viewing:

  • Pipeline 2020.09
  • Land 2020.09
  • Financials 2020.09
  • Revenue 2020.09
  • EnergyIQ 2020.1

Product Release Notes

Beginning with myQuorum 2020.09, release notes are published to the support portal for downloading or online viewing. This repository of helpful product resources will continue to grow with each future release.

How to Access Product Release Resources

The Support portal is available from under the Support menu. You can also log into it directly by visiting

Support screenshot 1

Navigate to the Support menu at for access to the support portal.

Support screenshot 2

Select Release Notes at the top-right corner of the page to find a folder for each product.  

Support screenshot 3

Access product release notes and webinars online from the support portal.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need help at

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