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Thousands of oil and gas companies attended NAPE Summit 2017 in Houston, TX last month. The event featured oil and gas operators, service companies, and software vendors, but Quorum stole the show with the big reveal of myQuorum Land. Here’s why.

Technology continues to advance, which means that software companies need to be innovative as well as capable of adapting to industry demands on the fly. For example, as companies generate more land agreements, manual land management becomes more difficult and less feasible. Companies of all sizes need software that is scalable, easy to use, and quick to deploy.

myQuorum Land encompasses these characteristics and more— it also happens to be the industry’s leading land solution, used by 100+ oil and gas companies including 7 of the top 10 in the U.S. With myQuorum Land, companies can manage the entire lifecycle of their land assets from a single source. The integration, usability, and mobility of the software will have you operating faster, better, and for less.


myQuorum Land is a completely integrated suite of applications: land management, land acquisition, GIS mapping with Esri® ArcGIS, and more. Via click-thru integration, you’re able to access each application from one user experience—talk about being efficient.


myQuorum Land is built on the industry’s first persona-based user experience platform. It features a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to personalize your view according to your role and responsibilities. The dashboard combines all the information land professionals need in just a few clicks without the hassle of accessing multiple systems, screens, and reports.

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You don’t have be in the office to use the software. Responsive design allows for anytime, anywhere access from any device with internet access – laptop, tablet, and mobile.

myQuorum Land delivers innovation without disrupting your operations. It is built on proven software with a long history of customer-driven enhancements that are released on a consistent basis and supported by ongoing investment. Plus, myQuorum Land is backed by myQuorum 365, a premier level of support that provides frequent software updates, maintenance, and technical support.

From startups to supermajors, customers of all sizes look to myQuorum Land for easier, more efficient land management. See for yourself by watching my detailed demo given at NAPE Summit 2017!

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