Canada Stampede

The freebooting days of the Wild West may have occupied a relatively short slice of American and Canadian history, but it is a period that both nations identify with on a massive scale. A testament to just how much we love our western heritage can be found every year during the Calgary Stampede!

Ahead of the busiest time of the year in Calgary, we couldn’t help but notice some similarities between the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth and Oil & Gas software (hear us out ☺).

1. Options – so many options

Stampede:  Deciding where and how to spend your time during the Stampede can be overwhelming, even for seasoned attendees. Every year the festivities just get bigger and better! From the rodeo to the chuckwagon races, the midway to the Coca-Cola stage, the beer gardens to Nashville North, plus the many events that take place off the Stampede grounds – there is a lot to do and see in just 10 short days. Check out how Quorum is adding to the celebrations with our Stampede Happy Hour. 

O&G Software:  The energy industry as a whole is being driven into a continuous digital transformation.  Major trends emerging from this revolution include the need for improved business agility, increased operational efficiency, and responding to a changing workforce.  There are plenty of software packages that claim to address these needs, but myQuorum is the only software suite powering industry innovation through user-centered design. 

2. Getting the most bang for your buck

Stampede: There are a number of ways you can enjoy Stampede without breaking the bank. The Coca-Cola stage, included with Stampede admission, is hosting its biggest concert lineup ever. For the pancake connoisseurs out there, make sure you check out one (or 10) of the many free Stampede Pancake Breakfasts across the city. There are also several bundle options for Stampede goers to consider, such as the Stampede Super Pass, Parade Day Package, Chaps & Chucks Package, plus a host of others.  Finding the right package (for the best value) is key to enhancing your Stampede experience! 

O&G Software:  The business of producing, transporting, and delivering oil and gas from field to market is complex, with the need to connect a produced volume to a commercial value at the heart of this complexity. One-to-many has resolved to 1:1 and successful upstream oil and gas companies have replaced a “production first” mantra with a ‘best production” program. Measuring performance against this new metric requires a holistic view of cost per barrel by each well, as well as integration of all production and reserves values, analyzed with complete data analysis and robust forecasting. Quorum upstream clients using are able to recast the value of their production inventory and identify which wells are most effective in delivering volume. 

3. Innovation is a must

Stampede: Every year, foodies from across North America convene in Calgary to introduce new, off-the-wall treats during the highly anticipated Stampede Midway Food Competition. Last year, creative dishes like Cereal Monster Sandwiches and Deep Fried Pork Belly competed for top prizes and bragging rights.

And, as per tradition, no Stampede is complete without an iconic Calgary Stampede poster. Dating back to 1908, a new poster has been unveiled each year highlighting the past, present and future of the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.

O&G Software: Today’s successful companies are adapting to the demands of a changing workforce by proactively evolving their culture and technology. Business leaders are empowered to conquer their most complex challenges through transformative technologies, thanks to the digital world. Similarly, by leveraging the innovative Microsoft Ecosystem, myQuorum is able to flourish as an open standards-based software integration platform that automates workflows and connects people, processes, and systems to deliver actionable insights in an industry-first user experience optimized for mobile and cloud technologies.

The Calgary Stampede has come a long way since it began in 1912. Now with over 1.2 Million attendees annually, the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth continues to grow and evolve while staying true to its roots.  At Quorum we have also grown with energy professionals over the 20+ years we’ve been in Canada; leveraging our industry insight and experience to deliver purpose-built software that empowers energy companies to conquer the industry’s most complex business challenges across the entire energy value chain. 

Like the Stampede, Quorum looks to the future for innovative and inspiring solutions; but we remain mindful and respectful of our past as we are only proven through our customer successes. 

We’ll see you at the grounds!

For more information on how new digital tools are transforming the oil & gas industry, download our Modern Energy Whitepaper.


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