Top 5 Reasons WellEz is the Best

Why should you change your well lifecycle reporting? No doubt you are thinking about the headaches of switching to or implementing a new solution. You may consider your current approach and technology “good enough”. The truth is — your current software is holding you back. Outdated applications lead to expensive capital overhead, IT complications, and poor user experiences, which are preventing you from operating lean, efficiently, and competitively in a changing market. Don’t let your software solution of yesterday hold you back from realizing the massive potential that digital technologies are bringing to the oil and gas industry of tomorrow.

You may have heard terms like “cloud-based,” “pay-as-you-grow,” and “personalized support” used to describe our well lifecycle reporting solution but don’t know what any of that means or how it benefits your operations. Below are five ways a true software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, such as WellEz On Demand, makes a difference for your business.

Why should you choose WellEz On Demand?

1. More than just morning reports.

We know you need morning reports to run your business. We also know you need efficient communication tools that boost performance and reduce costs. WellEz offers easy-to-use field data capture and automated reporting, along with powerful analytical tools. Companies can compare multi-well drilling curves, track downhole tool performance, and minimize non-productive time with custom reports based on best practices from over 200 operators in every major US basin.

2. Easy third-party integrations

With upstream oil and gas companies moving to cloud technologies, it’s important to know that an open software ecosystem gives your team the flexibility to share data across business applications. WellEz provides multiple options for integrating your operational data. First, daily XML feeds allow you to replicate your reporting database in-house. Second, web API’s connect your data to third party applications. Last, myQuorum Data Hub provides simplified and easy-to-access data for your business intelligence tools. WellEz also makes getting data into the system easy, with the ability to import large data sets via Microsoft Excel.

3. Operator-friendly business model

With a SaaS delivery model, WellEz bases its fees on field activity. This allows operators to pay for current reporting needs and hedge the risk of unexpected operational inactivity. If you have a drilling schedule for the next 12 months, you can easily predict your costs from WellEz. As operations ramp up and scale down, WellEz supports fluctuations, with subscription costs reflecting your changing levels of activity.

Moreover, with WellEz, all operators have an industry experienced and dedicated technical account manager that is available 24/7, reducing the need for in-house support. This oil & gas software expert provides field user training and area-specific best practices.

Simply put, pay for what you use with a simple and transparent cost model that aligns with your operations. No hidden fees, and no petty charges for support, training, or best-practice consulting. All of this comes standard with WellEz.

4. Built for growth

Scalability is a term that’s used heavily in our industry. From systems and networks to processes and costs, we all want things to scale to support growth. Many drilling operators focus on continuous improvement and driving performance through processes efficiency, but things can get stalled or derailed by clunky, pieced together workflows and data integrity issues. WellEz provides the flexibility to respond to an ever-changing market, allowing for rapid expansion with its cloud-based, elastic business model that matches your business goals.

From managing daily reports for a single rig to tracking performance across multiple basins, scale your data capture and reporting at the speed of your business.

5. Integrated upstream suite

Gaps in data access, management, and reporting have long been a downfall of older software application processes. Some operators are still on spreadsheets, while others have data silos due to a proliferation of applications from separate vendors across their operations. Quorum offers an integrated upstream suite that includes: AFE, Accounting, Well Lifecycle reporting, Reserves & Economics, Production Management, and Land Management.

The power of one platform. The power to deliver a single end-to-end upstream solution that drives greater operational efficiency, increases business agility, and enables the Modern Energy Workplace.

Whether you are a startup looking to stay lean or an established operator with an increasingly complex IT infrastructure, Quorum’s complete integrated upstream suite is the best choice to help you make better decisions and improve profits. And if you just need help with your drilling and completions, then WellEz On Demand can kick start your digital transformation or take your existing digitalization efforts to the next level.

For more information on WellEz On Demand, visit our product page or watch our most recent demo.

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