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Are you an operator who wants to communicate with your shipper in real time? Maybe you are a shipper who needs to receive confirmations more quickly. Perhaps you are a vessel operator who needs access to your vessel compatibility and acceptance information at your fingertips.

Whatever your role, communication is a crucial part of the daily responsibilities that are critical to the LNG industry, and you need to simplify and streamline the exchange of information. Leaders in the LNG industry are adopting Quorum’s customer activity website solution to do this and more. Quorum provides a central location that enables external and internal users to communicate and view information in real time and includes a user-friendly dashboard tailored to the needs of your role.

Learn more about how online tools are streamlining communication in the LNG industry by reading our full article Clear Communication first featured in the April issue of LNG Industry magazine. Interested in Quorum’s LNG management software?

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