E&P Operators are using well lifecycle reporting applications, like WellEz on Demand, to optimize their operations. Here are 3 ways that companies have been able to reduce drilling & completion costs and drive operational performance.

1. Pad Drilling: Tracking Phases to Reduce Rig Days

  • When operators talk about drilling efficiency they are often referring to reducing the number of total rig days spent on a well. The ability to break down each drilling job into separate phases that are individually evaluate has proven to uncover inefficiencies previously not noticed. Tracking this data can help you quickly answer questions like…

    • Which phase are we spending the most unproductive time?
    • Which phase are we using the largest portion of our AFE?
    • Which well had the best drilling performance?

2. Frac Stage Efficiency

  • Hydraulic fracturing longer horizontals with more stages has pushed operators to look closely at perforaction clusters, spacing, and proppant volumes. However, to see the effect these changes has on your frac performance, you must be capturing this data in a reporting database. WellEz customers are able to receive real-time updates on treating rates, sand volumes, NPT, and more. You can now answer questions like…

    • How does the treating pressure compare to sand pumped per stage?
    • How is frac performance trending?
    • Is each well being pumped to design?

3. Vendor Performance Tracking

  • Your crew may not be the one under-performing. The ability to attribute any non-productive time and associated costs to a specific vendor at the well-site gives operators leverage during contract negotiations. Below are a few questions quickly answered by using WellEz vendor tracking…

    • Which vendor has the most non-productive time on average?
    • What is my total current spend per vendor?

Operators who have access to clear, concise visualizations that are backed by accurate data can make better operational decisions. Assembling the charts and graphs represented above does not have to require someone digging through spreadsheets and compiling data into a monstrous Excel doc that quickly becomes outdated.  These insights can be retrieved on demand with cloud-based well lifecycle reporting system, WellEz on Demand.  We helps 100’s of E&P operators capture, organize, and distribute accurate operations data.


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