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We are pleased to announce that version 2020.1 of EnergyIQ by Quorum Software (EIQ) is now available. EIQ provides a full suite of master data management tools for managing and integrating internal and external data sources — including land, accounting, drilling and completion, and document management solutions — to support various business needs. E&P companies standardizing operations on a Quorum-EIQ combination will shorten time to value by leveraging pre-defined integration capabilities, while also gaining access to a growing assortment of bi-directional automation capabilities.

The update includes dashboard capabilities, UI and map enhancements, and new visualizations through industry-first integrations with Quorum’s upstream suite. The coupling of Quorum’s applications with EIQ will help customers:

  • Make better drilling, completion, and workover decisions by connecting the well master with Quorum’s transactional, operational and accounting solutions.
  • Streamline access to relevant well information, including lease, well files, and other documents stored in DynamicDocs and direct linkage to WellEz’ wellbore diagram.
  • Better understand their current assets by pulling in GIS and Land information from Quorum and displaying via EIQ’s native visualizations.

As part of our ongoing efforts to help energy companies simplify and automate data management challenges, the company will hold a webcast on November 18th, in partnership with Ember Resources, to demonstrate how operators are applying advanced search technology to integrate their suite of well lifecycle applications and deliver a 360-degree view of the well. Learn more and register here:

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