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We talk about the pace of software innovation from the perspective of the features made available to end users. However, we don’t often think about the advancements made to an application’s “plumbing,” which are as essential to innovation as new features. Consider the recent highlights from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018, where Apple introduced the next update to its mobile operating system, iOS 12. Did the performance improvements that make iOS faster capture your attention or did you focus on new features like the Memoji, Apple’s customizable emoji?

For Apple, the iOS 12 platform, or plumbing in our example, is the great enabler of cool features, such as Memoji, that consumers enjoy. In a business context, the business users’ expectations evolve alongside technology. Business users want to take advantage of the latest and greatest in technological advances and apply them to their everyday operations, like the workplace equivalent of the Memoji. For Quorum, our great enabler of cool features is the myQuorum platform.

As an application developer and platform provider, Quorum knows customers expect us to focus on keeping architectural components up to date and finding ways of making meaningful advancements in scalability, performance, resiliency, maintainability, and agility. We continually search the technology ethos to find better ways of developing, delivering, and supporting software. We know that great plumbing matters to the user experience, and we take it seriously.

Microsoft published an article on one of our most recent technology advancements, “Quorum expands energy management solutions using Azure Service Fabric.” In the article, Shawn Cutter, Quorum Vice President, discusses Quorum’s use of Microsoft Azure cloud services and our participation in the Microsoft Azure Service Fabric preview program.

Recently when Shawn and I were discussing what Service Fabric means for Quorum, he had this to say, “Azure Service Fabric helps Quorum develop reliable, high-performing applications much more easily and agnostic to both the need for state or deployment model.”  “With developer-friendly platforms like Microsoft Azure, the team can focus on building the services needed to address business requirements without spending countless hours reinventing the wheel, building in redundancies, scaling applications, and designing resilient solutions.” 

With the on-going transition of the energy industry to digital technologies, Microsoft Azure empowers us to ensure our customers not only have the functionality, but also the reliability and scale they need to match their growth. Learn more about how using Azure Service Fabric has impacted our offerings by checking out our customer story by Microsoft.

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