WellEz Implementation Guide

Implementing a well lifecycle reporting system is possible to do in five steps. So why do so many E&P operators resist taking the first step? Before we explore the simple process of how to implement well lifecycle reporting, let’s address the obstacles that get in the way.

E&P operators are hesitant to change well lifecycle reporting systems because of the perceived pain of switching to something new. Real or perceived, the fear is that daily operations are so entrenched in their current processes that changing would cause:

  • High costs from consulting hours, training, and support.
    In reality, switching costs such as consulting, training, and support depend on which well lifecycle reporting system you choose. While traditional enterprise software migrations are notorious for their high price tags, WellEz On Demand takes a different approach that covers implementation, training, and support for the life of your account–all for a nominal, one-time setup fee.
  • Data loss from moving historical data.
    Data is an asset that is as valuable as the wells you drill. E&P operators are right to use caution to protect data when switching from one well lifecycle reporting system to another. Ask your vendor about their track record for migrating data. WellEz On Demand customers have successfully imported data from competitive systems, homegrown systems, and custom databases.
  • Steep learning curves for office and field personnel.
    Oil and gas software has a long history of ignoring the needs of end users. While all other software for the industry treats usability as a “nice-to-have,” WellEz On Demand was built with end users in mind. The application is so easy to use that training typically takes 20 minutes for field personnel and one hour for an administrator. No day or week-long training courses will hold up productivity.

WellEz On Demand provides complete well lifecycle reporting from field data capture and reporting to data analysis and integration. We believe that operational data can be managed without complicated programs, manual processes, or technical overhead. And for over 15 years, WellEz On Demand has set itself apart from traditional oil and gas software with cloud-based technology, a pay-as-you-grow pricing model, and an easy-to-use application. WellEz On Demand is supported by an experienced technical account management team who have oil and gas backgrounds and understand your business. In addition to having you up and running in days, our WellEz On Demand Technical Account Managers are available 24×7 for all of your support needs.

View our WellEz On Demand Implementation Guide Infographic to see how our Technical Account Managers work with you, step by step, to implement well lifecycle reporting in five steps.

WellEz Implementation Guide

For more information on WellEz On Demand, watch our webinar.

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