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In case you missed it, last week we launched the latest release of myQuorum Land On Demand – cloud-based software designed to save oil and gas companies time, money, and the headache of manual processes.

This week, we had the opportunity to sit down with the first customer to go live on the newest version of myQuorum Land On Demand. Within days, Staghorn Petroleum, LLC was up and running. We spent some time with Staghorn’s Land Manager Phyllis Spurlock and Lease Records Analyst LeAnn Ellis to hear their story firsthand.

Q) What triggered Staghorn’s search to find a new solution for land management?

A) “We were in the sales process because we had just closed on a divestiture in March. Employees spent three weeks of 12-hour days manually building out spreadsheets for the divestiture, and that’s when we decided we never wanted to waste the time and resources again.

Previously, we were using an accounting software with a built-in land module, but we used it solely as a standalone product for land – which turned out to be a headache. It was older technology and didn’t offer the ability to track ownership by depth. This was the most important function Quorum could provide. You have to be able to know your ownership by depth, and our previous system didn’t offer it. That’s what led us to Quorum.” – Phyllis

Q) What was your process in searching for a new software provider and why did you choose to include Quorum?

A) “We did our research to find the right software provider that could scale and meet the company’s growing business needs. We basically called around asking what systems other oil and gas companies use. We scratched some off the list immediately, because we heard some software providers would constantly require updates that cost thousands of dollars. It came down to Quorum and one other vendor.” – Phyllis

Q) What are Quorum’s industry differentiators?

A) “We compared myQuorum Land On Demand with other products, and found that Quorum’s software operated much faster and was way more sophisticated in regards to its overall functionality.

I was particularly impressed by the software’s real-time updates, connectivity, and automated data entry. With myQuorum Land On Demand, we can input one thing, and it flows throughout the rest. It just makes sense. With our previous software, we would have to input the same thing four different times, which only increases the chances for error.” – Phyllis

“myQuorum Land On Demand is a very user-friendly software. In addition to the ability to track ownership by depth formation, I like the flexibility of the services, the ability to edit the leases, and the functionality that enables me to tab between fields.” – LeAnn

For more information on myQuorum Land On Demand, visit our product page and webinar.

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