Things are coming to a close here at Qnections in Vegas, but we aren’t folding quite yet. While everyone is recovering from an AWESOME time out at Hakkasan last night, attendees still soaked up insights from analysts, subject matter experts, and industry peers – not to mention the IQ Bar that’s closing out the day.

So, what were the biggest takeaways this year?

First up is data, data, data. Everyone seems to have a wealth of it, but the challenge is what to do with it. How can you best navigate it to gather actionable insights? One of our speakers compared data to making flour. First, you harvest the wheat, but you can’t use it until you process it into flour. The same goes for data – the first step is collecting it, but it must be processed the right way to have any value.

Another theme that kept showing its cards was around technology and integration – but specifically the cultural aspect of integration. As the industry becomes more digital, oil and gas software is giving a competitive edge to those prioritizing innovation. However, disruption doesn’t happen overnight. Attendees shared stories about how they’ve navigated the cultural challenges associated with implementing a new work flow.

As the Great Crew Change continues, Rakhee Das from Sirius Solutions noted that it’s important to give millennials the opportunity to innovate. Otherwise, they will be bored and move on. But it’s not just about attracting and retaining talent. It’s about using emerging technologies to enable new and exciting ways of doing business; and developing new capabilities to mitigate risks.

Let’s continue the conversation

We host Qnections annually to bring people together and move ideas forward. Every year, we have fantastic conversations and bond with our peers – but the conversation doesn’t end there. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep the ideas flowing.

See you next year!

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