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For a conference that promotes being the place “where deals happen,” the annual NAPE Summit did not disappoint. Oil and Gas Investor magazine referred to this year’s NAPE as a “return to form after two years of industry gloom.” Speaking of a return, it was one for the record books for Quorum as the software and demonstration of the Modern Energy Workplace attracted hundreds of attendees, resulting in Quorum being the #1 visited booth of all NAPE exhibitors. In addition to an upswing in attendance and transactions, we observed three oil and gas trends to watch based on our viewpoint from the exhibitor floor:

  1. After a long hiatus, the oil and gas industry is attracting young professionals again.
  2. Experienced oil and gas professionals are embracing a modernizing workplace.
  3. Oil and gas companies are looking to technology for opportunities to react quickly to the industry’s upturn.

1. Attracting the Next Oil and Gas Professionals

In contrast to the previous two years, this year’s event attracted students who are actively seeking careers in oil and gas. Quorum sponsored petroleum engineers from the University of Houston and provided hands-on experience with the type of software that they will be using in the workforce. According to PwC, “59% [of Millennials] said that an employer’s provision of state-of-the-art technology was important to them when considering a job.” Millenials want software that is easy to use and mobile. They want to work smart, not just hard. We realize this and continuously innovate to provide the functionality that resonates with a new generation of young energy professionals.

2. Embracing the Modern Energy Workplace

According to the World Economic Forum, “Over the next decade, digitalization has the potential to create around $1 trillion of value for Oil and Gas firms.” Digitalization is core to what Quorum calls the Modern Energy Workplace. The Modern Energy Workplace is characterized by a spirit of innovation that drives technology adoption, experimentation, and creative problem-solving. This spirit of innovation is best showcased by technology that powers collaboration and mobility.

Quorum showcased its software for the Modern Energy Workplace in partnership with Microsoft and Whitlock, using the latest Microsoft Surface devices hands-on with NAPE attendees. Both industry novices and industry pros were able to navigate and use Quorum software on Microsoft devices with ease, even if they had never used either technology before. Hear what Erin Minich of Microsoft has to say on the Modern Energy Workplace:


3. Running with the Power of One

After two years of what Oil and Gas Investor magazine calls “industry gloom,” oil and gas leaders are looking to technology for opportunities to react quickly to the industry’s changing fortune. Quorum showcased what’s possible with the Power of One – a single solution for managing the entire upstream lifecycle. The Power of One delivers on the tenets of simplicity, accuracy, and speed.

  • One Source, Unparalleled Simplicity: Use one solution to manage the entire upstream lifecycle. Avoid the headache (and substantial costs) associated with multiple vendors that provide different applications for different parts of upstream.
  • One Data Model, Unquestionable Accuracy: A single, integrated solution that uses one data model enables a single point of data entry, and shares that data seamlessly across the entire business for unquestionable accuracy.
  • One Implementation, Unmatched Speed: Quorum delivers a full software implementation in 60 days. Only Quorum can implement one solution for all of upstream in less time than a season of NFL, MLB, or NBA play.

NAPE showed much promise for the oil and gas industry as a whole. Not only that, it provided a venue for technology companies like Quorum to showcase the potential that the Modern Energy Workplace provides to industry professionals, both incoming and established alike. Lastly, it gave us a chance to give a sneak peek of what you get with Quorum Software and why we are the industry leader in this space today. Run with the Power of One.

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