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myQuorum + Office Help Drive Tailored Solutions for Oil & Gas

Traditionally, vendors designed, developed, and deployed business software in silos, both functional and data. While for a time this created best-in-class products, these products have aged out and become point solutions that hinder cross-functional work and collaboration between business units. But over the past several years, business software has undergone a transformation brought on by the proliferation of consumer-driven smart devices, which offer anytime, anywhere mobile experiences powered by cloud-based applications. Additionally, design has taken center stage at successful technology companies, whether software or hardware, with a specific focus on the user. Truly agile companies deploy software that cuts across business functions and silos in a horizontal fashion.

As with other industries, even risk-averse market participants, the changes to technology driven by the consumer segment are invading the energy industry. Customers and users alike are demanding intuitive software solutions that enable mobile work, decrease training costs and time, improve a user’s productivity, and enable the type of horizontal flexibility a company needs to turn an investment in a business solution into a long-term driver of value. It was these emerging requirements that led Quorum to invest significant resources into what has become the myQuorum user experience platform. With myQuorum, energy companies have the opportunity to compose and tailor dashboards, workflows and processes to their business and deliver meaningful improvements to user productivity and efficiencies to operational processes.

On the front end, myQuorum delights users, making them more efficient in their daily responsibilities and more productive in their roles; it enables true extensibility architecturally by taking advantage of an open, standards-based platform. This allows for a seamless extension of myQuorum into the Microsoft Office productivity suite. myQuorum Add-ins reduce the friction of daily tasks and simplifies energy business management by reducing manual processes and delivering myQuorum data directly into Excel.

By making myQuorum data available directly in Excel, users are empowered and can eliminate context switching, streamline analysis, and make more informed decisions in a timely manner, to name just a few of the benefits to users. Further, breaking down the traditional vertical barriers between data and functional silos through standards-based methods, as opposed to heavier proprietary ones, means IT now has loosely-coupled infrastructure that eliminates brittle, legacy integrations, makes patching easier, and dramatically improves the interoperability across the corporate environment. Additionally the use of standards-based protocols and languages means IT benefits from a larger developer community that can improve code quality and bug remediation.

As companies develop distinct operating models or corporate cultures, they expect technology to enable their unique business processes; and not the opposite. myQuorum offers energy companies the opportunity to “think horizontal” through  workflows and user experiences that support new and previously impossible-to-support cross-functional business opportunities. We can take this a step further by extending the myQuorum user experience into Office with Add-ins that deliver tailored, Office-based solutions. Companies can address specific needs based on the information and functionality that is necessary to make their internal or external users most productive and efficient, while also improving their overall work experience.

Learn how myQuorum extends into Microsoft Office in this webinar.

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